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Where Our Contributions Go...

Where Our Contributions Go...

13. June 2023 Print this page 15 Minutes reading time (198 words)
Ever wonder where in the world that money goes, you know, the beer gardens at the Jive After 5 Events that we manage?

In the past, we have used the funds raised from events like the Jive After 5 to support local charities, provide opportunities for students in need, and even help families who have fallen on hard times. We also use a portion of the funds to cover expenses related to organizing and managing our events. This includes buying needed equipment and promoting the events to ensure maximum attendance. At the end of each event, we conduct a thorough financial audit to ensure that all funds are accounted for and used appropriately. We take great pride in being transparent with our finances and ensuring that every dollar raised goes towards making a positive impact in our community. So next time you grab a cold beer at one of our events, know that your contribution is going towards a good cause. Thank you for supporting our mission and helping us make a difference in the world!

We believe in helping our neighbors! When we spot a real need in our community, we are always willing to help.


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