The Maiden Business Association was formed to enhance the overall commercial district's image and promote long-term economic viability of the local business community on Main Street and the surrounding area.
    We are passionate and committed to creating and supporting partnerships and opportunities for existing and future Maiden businesses.
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  • IRS Interview: Online Resources For The Self-Employed
    Find out what the IRS has ready to help you.
  • NASE on The Dylan Ratigan Show (MSNBC)
    Kristie Arlsan, executive director at the NASE, discusses small business’ struggle to survive.
  • NASE on C-SPAN
    The NASE’s Kristie Arslan sits down for C-SPAN’s public affairs show, Washington Journal, to talk about economic policy as it relates to the self-employed, health care reform and tax policy. The incorporation of viewer calls is a major part of this live program and Kristie responds to those calls, as well.